Calling all NOLA Porsche Drivers
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Thread: Calling all NOLA Porsche Drivers

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    Calling all NOLA Porsche Drivers

    Hi guys: I am moving to New Orleans next week and had some questions for Porsche drivers in the area. I only had one day to drive around so I am not very familiar with the area at all. I did stop by the Porsche dealership though.

    1. Roads seem in bad condition, straight and flat. Yikes! Very different than the nice, twisty rolling country side of southeast PA where I flog my Porsches a couple times of week. Any suggestions for some Sunday drives?

    2. I’m looking for an independent mechanic in the area. Any suggestions?

    3. The NOLA Motorsports park looks really cool and very inexpensive. Based on 1 above, I plan to start tracking a Porsche. Any recommendations, thoughts, or concerns about this track?

    4. I plan on either living in Northern Kenner or English Turn (both gated communities). Any concerns about crime in these areas?

    5. How is the dealership? Are they fair and honest? Engaged with PCA?

    6. How is the local PCA? I hear it is PCA – Mardi Gras chapter. Lol.

    Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you folks after I get settled down there.
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